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World Tapioca Conference 2018

We are happy to announce that Agro by Nature signed MoU with Thai Authorities in the presence of Thai Minister of Commerce during The 5th World Tapioca Conference. Tapioca provides limitless opportunities for the future. Thai tapioca today has earned unique reputation as The Magic Plant for its remarkable properties and versatility.

Food Ingredients

A new solution added to the CheeseMaker CF family

Snacks, sandwiches or salads? They all taste delicious with cheese! Cheese lovers who cannot or will not eat cheese have to look for vegan options to add a savoury note to their food. With the new CheeseMaker solution from KMC, it has become easier to formulate products for this growing consumer segment. Based on potato starch and naturally GMO-free and non-allergenic, you can make healthy alternatives for diced, shredded and sliced cheese.

Food Ingredients

Pleased to Meet You

Dear Valued Business Partner, Agro by Nature will be at Food Ingredients Europe from 28 November to 30 November 2017. See you at our principal KMC stand 08.0C37 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

Food Ingredients

Starch World Europe

Agro by Nature developed new relations by attending two important events as Starch World Europe, Budapest, Hungary and Food Proteins Asia 2017 Bangkok, Tailand. At Starch World Europe, Budapest, Agro by Nature R&D Director Henk Jaap Meijer was invited as guest speaker. New technologies was discussed and shared by participation of World Wide food&feed professionals. Agro by Nature will be continue to meet with industry leaders at up-coming events.

Food Ingredients

Meet Agro By Nature at Fi Istanbul 2015

Are you food producer in Turkey's growing economy and interested creating sales in Middle East using Istanbul’s strategic geographical positioning as the only city in the world that bridges two continents, Europe and Asia. Then, with its deep economic and cultural ties to the Middle East and Northern Africa, Fi Istanbul provides you a pivotal and unique place for catching up with global and regional food customers.

Our Managing Director Mr. Harun Uluyol, together with specialists from our Danish principal KMC, will be available to introduce to you KMC's innovative functional ingredients such as the Gelamyl Gelatine replacers, the CheeseMaker dairy protein replacers, the Emulsiform emulsifiers and stabilizers, GlazeMaker egg wash replacers and Bakery Filling starches.

Don’t hesitate contacting us and plan a meeting, together we make Fi Istanbul 2015 a starting place of innovation, business development and trade.

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Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing is a 3 day event being held from 9th November to the 11th November 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event showcases products like Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Bakery Ingredients, Beneficial Algae, Bifido Algae, Bioactive Components, Blood Products, Bulking Agents, Chelating Products, Colour Additives, Cultures & Fermentation Starters, Dairy Ingredients, Dietary Supplements, Dough Strengtheners, Egg Ingredients, Emulsifiers, Encapsulated Ingredients, Enzyme Preparations and more etc. in the Manufacturing, Fabrication, Repair & Maintenance S, Food & Beverage industries.

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Starch World Mideast

Late last year, Cargill and Arasco join hands to create the first starches and sweeteners joint venture (JV) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calling it ‘Middle East for Food Solutions Co (MEFSCO) More starch producers in the region from Turkey to Egypt are expanding their production capacities to take advantage of the regions’ untapped opportunities . The Middle East region represents the highest growth area for the food and drink industry in the world. The rapidly changing demographics in the region and the growth of consumer choices presents an exciting opportunity for starch and sweetener, food ingredients suppliers to offer customers new and broader portfolio of products and solutions.

Kye Highliht for Starch World, Global overview at the sugar economy , trade and how this impacts the markets for starch-based sweeteners in the Mideast region. Will the end of the EU sugar regime in 2017, mean more new expansion opportunities for the European starch-based sweetener industry – and how will this impact the Mideast region?

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Which starches are beneficial?

Starch is a type of carbohydrate, also referred to as a complex carbohydrate since it is made up of long chains of sugar molecules.

Starchy foods include peas, corn, potatoes, beans, pasta, rice and grains. Starches are a more concentrated source of carbohydrates and calories than fruits, nonstarchy vegetables and dairy, but many of them are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet when chosen correctly and consumed in reasonable portions.

Potatoes do have a higher glycemic index, which means that they raise blood sugar more quickly than other vegetables, but they are also an excellent source of potassium, which is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure, and the skin of a baked potato is a very good source of fiber. So as long as you skip the high-fat toppings such as butter, bacon bits and sour cream, including a baked potato in your diet on occasion is fine.

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Fundamentals of Halal Foods and Certification

Demand for halal foods is increasing, not only in the U.S., Europe and Canada, but also in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and Australia. Halal consumer market/trade is the fastest growing in the world. According to a latest estimation by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, there are about 1.57 billion Muslims in the world today, and they comprise 23% of the global population of 6.8 billion. Over 60% of them live in Asia, and one-fifth in the Middle East and North Africa. More than 300 million Muslims live as minority communities. In Europe, there are an estimated 38.1 million Muslims, while about 1 million live in Canada, comprising 3.1% of the population. There are varying estimates of the Muslim population in the U.S., but most surveys place it at around 8 million.