A new solution added to the CheeseMaker CF family

Snacks, sandwiches or salads? They all taste delicious with cheese! Cheese lovers who cannot or will not eat cheese have to look for vegan options to add a savoury note to their food. With the new CheeseMaker solution from KMC, it has become easier to formulate products for this growing consumer segment. Based on potato starch and naturally GMO-free and non-allergenic, you can make healthy alternatives for diced, shredded and sliced cheese.

The KMC portfolio already includes a full range of solutions and recipes for vegan pizza cheese and slices suitable for warm preparation where you need a certain amount of melting. The natural next step for the KMC specialist team was to develop a firm dairy-free cheese product that would be a treat when eaten cold as a snack, in a sandwich or on top of a salad.

The new CheeseMaker CF30 from KMC will enable you to make a vegan cheese product with an elastic and cheese-like texture that is easy to slice and dice. You can fold or roll the flexible slices just as you can with a traditional cheese product. The slices will have a firm bite, and give the anticipated resistance to the teeth when chewed.

CCO at KMC Hugo Nielsen gave an interview on this new vegan cheese product to Foodbev Media during the FIE 2017.

Add your favourite flavour

“You may choose to go the traditional way by adding a vegan cheese flavour to your product or the more contemporary solution where you add herbs, garlic or whatever flavour you prefer”, Line Bach Christensen, Senior Application Specialist at KMC says. CheeseMaker solutions are potato-based, which guarantees a neutral taste and a white colour. This makes it easy to add additional flavour and colour and you may experience having to add lower amounts of flavours than you do when using your usual ingredients.

The new dairy-free concept was showcased at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt where Line Back Christensen gave an elevator pitch and an interview.

Easy processing

The vegan cheese product is produced in a simple process on a high shear mixer. “You start by melting the fat. In KMC Food Innovation Centre, we use coconut or palm oil, Line explains and continues, “after that, you add the dry ingredients all in one step”.

Healthy option

Dairy-free and vegan cheese products made with the CheeseMaker CF series contain only few ingredients. The lean label and the non-allergenic and GMO-free status of potato starch will make these products interesting for all health-oriented consumers. Taking out dairy proteins from your cheese formulation and replacing them with CheeseMaker specialty starches will often reduce your ingredient costs considerably. This will make these products available to all consumer groups.