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About Agro by Nature

Agro by Nature started its trading activities from Bangkok in 2010. Nowadays our product range covers a wide variety of food, animal nutrition and industrial markets. We are aware of the importance our products play in production processes at customers and continuously strive to offer the best solutions from our main offices Agro Anatolia in Izmir and Agro Pacific in Hong Kong. Our global network with universities, research institutes, producers and logistic support guarantee our customers optimal support with their innovations.

In Turkish food market Agro by Nature partners with KMC, the Danish supplier of potato-based ingredients. KMC offers potato based starches, fibers and proteins with highest quality and documented provenance to food industry and clients throughout the world. KMC products are designed to help you match your products to changing commercial requirements, so you can boost profit margins and please your customers more.

Together with our customers and suppliers from Denmark, Thailand, China, America, Indonesia and The Netherlands, Agro by Nature is involved in development of innovative food- and animal nutrition solutions from laboratory till large scale production.

We consider excellent service and high quality ingredients as the basis of a much broader relationship with our customers and partners. We build bridges not just with innovations and logistical solutions to customers around the world, but by building bridges that span cultures and languages, seasons and different agricultural products.

In animal nutrition Agro by Nature bridges between local Asian producers and domestic Turkish sector leaders by facilitating and realizing agreements and large shipments with help of Turkey's logistic power both over land and sea.

Agro by Nature is on the right track by successfully trading more than 500.000 tons raw materials such as palm products from Indonesia, potato starches from Denmark, wheat gluten from China and for the first time in Turkey tapioca hard pellets and tapioca residue from Thailand. Agro by Nature expects further growth and realization of shipment of 1.000.000 tons raw material by 2020.

Agro by Nature supports innovative producers and brings together food and feed producing countries. Together with our partners we bridge, innovate and facilitate global agreements as part of our vision to create a better world.